Sunday, July 03, 2011

I'll pass on New Vegas

[Update]  Hmmm... Apparently these folks have a patch for the PS 3 version which you can download.  I may change my mind.
The thing about Fallout 3 that really drove me up a tree was the sheer, accumulating mass of petty programming horrors — the lockups, glitches, stitches, switches and event-killers which turned level 30 play into a plague of hardware migraines that destroyed my game, left no way forward in the scene (let alone the plot!), and earned Bethsoft its permanently picayune place in my disaffection.  Ghoulishly corrupt data saves turn Fallout 3 into self-parody.

It took about 10 seconds of Googling to turn up the not-very-surprising news that New Vegas is even worse. Thanks, but no thanks. When it's been done right (Final Fantasy XIII), it's hard to tolerate spaghetti-coded algae rhythms that drift so far from merely bad technical demerits.

To quote The Three Little Bops, "You gotta get hot to play real cool."

I hate Westerns anyway.  I laughed during Silverado when they shot the needles off the prickly pear.  God.

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