Wednesday, June 01, 2011

You know you've done it...

These are some Fallout 3 sure things.   You know you've done them.

In Megaton, you paid the princely sum of 120 bottle caps for "that" room in Moriarty's, you slept in the big bed, and 48 hours later you looked for the "How was it for you?" button.  The "action" on screen was awfully mundane.  Like it didn't even happen.... Maybe it was all in your mind?

You got the Hamilton's Hideaway weapons cache key from Three Dog and went there expecting cake.  You got radscorpions up the wazoo instead, but by dint of many saves and a lot of strategizing around the problems, you discover the raiders are dead and one of them has a combat shotgun she won't be using any more.  Works just fine on radscorpions if you keep your head (and catch a bit of luck).  When you finally find the weapons cache, it seems kind of paltry, but you get a mini-nuke!  So you take the goodies to Flak and Shrapnel's down in Rivet City, where you sell enough stuff to buy a Fat Man.  You travel fast to Anacostia Crossing, where you notice with deep satisfaction the group of three young Talon Mercs standing too close together.  With a heart of ice, you launch the Mini-Nuke and wonder where you can find another one for free?

Later, travelling West from Megaton, you notice the same four (or is it five?) Raiders camping in the gully just beyond the billboard.  You sneak up and launch a missile into the group, taking them all out again.  With a fine tactical regard for the possible, it occurs to you to wonder if a single missile would have taken out the Talon Mercs at Anacostia Crossing.  Too late....

You found Vault 112, but your Science and Lockpick skills are too low to save Dad.  You wonder how to raise your Intelligence. Maybe read a book?

By the time you've cleaned out the Evergreen Mills Bazaar, found Madame's Key and finally met Smiling Jack, you want to use your combat shotgun on his head.  The guy is rude, but he sells stuff.  I'm not sure offing him is bad karma, but his label is green, not red.



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