Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anchorage, you say?

Fig. 1 - Ubiquitous hula girls
Ummm... ok.  I convinced General Jingwei to commit seppuku (are Chinese Communist generals allowed to do that?  I thought they got "re-educated."  Seems to be a bit of cultural mashup there.)  So that was easier than I thought.  If that scenery is "Anchorage, Alaska," though, then Sarah Palin is a mutant space alien exiled to Earth for crimes against thing-kind.

What else?  When "Operation Anchorage," which is unexplained, by and large, concludes, there is a bit of mutiny among the disaffected.  It's hard to keep the two good guys alive if the firefight gets too heated.  Put yourself between the combatants before it starts, and shoot first.  Use the Lincoln Repeater.  If your other skills and perks support it, that thing makes you a murder machine.  Look to your armor first, right?  You're still wearing the Neural Interface suit.

If you revisit the Outcast Outpost, you may find yourself stuck in the elevator, which will not respond to up or down button, and the steel doors won't open.  However, it's not a freeze or normal glitch, because you can turn yourself around, look up and down, and zoom on the locked door.  What is going on?  It's probably a glitch, yes.  But you may have just gotten yourself in an inconvenient place during a super mutant attack on the outpost.   If my conjecture is correct, the doors should open when the A.I.'s finish their battle outside.

Also, finally disarmed that big bomb in the middle of Megaton, and got my own house (and a few interior decoration options) from Moira Brown, the naive shopgirl at Craterside Supply.

Yes, I'm aware there's a real world out there.  The only one that counts is my family.  Politics, economics, elections....  Eh.  I vote.  I'm retired, I'm 67, and I much prefer the obvious acerbic fantasies of Fallout 3, bugs and all.



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