Saturday, July 02, 2011

Fallout 3 ghoul

Fig. 1 - Doctor Barrows, chief resident at the Underworld Chop Shop
Yes, it's true.  Too much Fallout 3 and your skin will dry out and flake off, you'll lose your hair and begin absorbing radiation.  Especially flat-screen tv radiation.  You'll turn uncanny, and your condition will irreversibly bring you to the glow-in-the-dark stage.  Your brains will dry out and leak out like sand down your nose and out your ears and eyes.

Scary stuff.  Two days ago, I found Argyle and the unarmed bobblehead and knew I had to quit.  So I sold the disc back, for a 1950's song, to the game store.  Yesterday was my first full day of withdrawal.  I felt like my brain was bleeding.

A pity, though.  I never explored many of the places I found, like the National Guard Depot or Mama Dolce's Food Processors.  But those hopeful treks back to the alien mothership to collect power modules would lock up hard.  Maybe a glitch?  The same thing happened at Fort Independence, and the plague of tiny annoyances was near-biblical in Operation: Anchorage.  It could happen anywhere, but the bug mostly seemed to infiltrate the add-on stuff.  Bethesda can't debug their product?

It was enough.  I needed relief.  Been there.  Done that. Nicest grace note in the game? Have you found the last decorated grave in Arlington Cemetery? Look for a flash of brilliant color.



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