Saturday, May 28, 2011

I've stalled out

My time, focus, attention (my wife would chisel in the much chillier word, "obsession") has stalled out on Fallout 3.  As usual, I can't figure this version out either.  It is filled with improbable mayhem in an post-apocalyptic Westworld sort of thing, where nothing can possibly go worng (sic, sic, sic).  In a world where everything has already gone about as wrong as it can get, maybe the one last thing to exclude from humanity's future is humanity.  The game is unrelentingly sarcastic on this point.

But it's fun.  You play with karma.  For example, too much thievery and nobody trusts you anymore.  Does the game include forgiveness?  Obsessive fun.

It does! Give purified water to the dying beggars (well, they say they're dying) who squat outside settlements like Megaton or Rivet City. Alternatively, you can donate to the sanctimonius clerical errors who preach to postacalyptic, but tiny, congregations. The going rate is 100 caps to redeem your own soul from pawn.



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