Monday, January 22, 2007

Lost in translation...

This is an automatic Google translation to English from a Chinese translation of Jack Williamson & James E. Gunn's Star Bridge (Chapter 13, evidently):

"Everyone changed. "Wu old man's voice in the ring for the quiet which was startling. "Only one way to allow the situation to remain static. North Korea then so it will not suffer any side in the direction of change. Let us choose export all people, In addition to the tests because, as we have every reason to believe that he will not hide behind the wall after gunmen unfavorable. In a signal, Let us move toward their chosen exports, we aim at the same time, our respect for the security and then leave the same time. "

The original text:

“NONE OF us wants to die.” Wu’s voice was shockingly loud in the silence. “There is only one way to keep the situation static until it can be altered without disadvantage to either side. Let us choose exits, all but Duchane. He, we hope, is in no danger from the gunmen behind the wall. At a signal, let us go to our chosen exits, keeping our worthy Security Director in aim, and leave simultaneously.”


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