Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Eheu fugaces, Mac

Well, technically, it ain't dead yet, but my patience for this old dual USB iBook (white, chiclet) has expired. We needed a computer that works exactly like the stuff at my daughter's middle school — so we bought a Compaq Presario this evening.

The Mac is too small, too slow and too old. The hinge is wearing out and the hard drive (I think?) whines like an asthmatic top. And there's no room...! When it wakes up from sleep, only the red pixels are warm — blues slide in later. I bought the Mac for work, and wound up feeling cornered by it. Seven years is enough.

I just paid $700 for a notebook that is 8 times bigger and 4 times faster than a Mac laptop that set me back about $1600 in 2000. The Compaq looks fairly rugged, too. We'll see.

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