Friday, January 19, 2007


I should have done a little research, I guess. It turns out that HP computers, including the Compaq Presario V6101US, are sold jammed with "free trials" — the desktop clutter is almost unbelievable, once the glow is gone and the work is beginning. Plus, the crap takes up room. Two exasperations:

1) Vongo. Vongo sucks boogers. I can't imagine a use for it, even if you WANTED what it does, which, apparently, is nothing more than showing movies for a price. And, brother, does this software get up on its hind end if you try to delete it! There's a quick, nasty fix — run msconfig and turn off ISUSPM, an InstallShield automatic update service that finds an instruction buried DEEEEEEP in the system to RELOAD the Vongo crap you just wiped up and flushed. Not really InstallShield's fault, in the sense that you can use a Colt .45 in Texas, but using it in Windows XP to rob piggy banks is just as morally futzworthy as Enron, IMHO.

2) Well... The other exasperation was nowhere near as hard sell as Vongo, so I don't think I'll mention it just now.



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