Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stewed Snoodge

This is the kind of advice you typically get about kludgy videogames from the nerdboys who hang out on game forums. The advice can be summarized like this:

Noob: My R2 button doesn't work when the second wave of sludgeworms attack. Any suggestions?

Forumboy: What do you mean, your R2 button doesn't work. Your R2 always works!

Noob: Yes it works when I play [lists 20 other games in which R2 works perfectly]. When the sludgeworms attack in the second wave, R2 doesn't work. I die every single time.

Forumboy2: Your controller is broken. Sludgeworms are the dumbest, slowest, easiest-to-kill monster in the entire game. If R2 isn't working, maybe your reflexes are too slow.

Noob: I can kill the frogbats ok, they're twice as fast. I use slash/slash/L2 and it always works. R2 combos don't work against anything.

Kidsister: You might have jam in your buttons?

Admin: If you think you've discovered a bug, report it to the developers at SquareSqueez through normal channels. This forum is for game discussion ONLY.

Noob: Doesn't anybody know a workaround for the R2 bug?

Wiz: Prs A alwys wrks 4 m.

DevGirl: You've discovered the notorious R2 "rad feature." The second wave of sludgeworms glows in the dark, so it is radioactive. R2 lowers your rad level, if you have RadGloop. You need to back off for R2 to have its usual damaging effect on radioactive sludgeworms. If you don't retreat, they will eventually die of radiation poisoning anyway.

Noob: TY, DevGirl.

Forumboy9: This is soooo boring. You are obviously a troll.

[Thread Locked.]



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