Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ubuntu's "Natty Narwhale" release (11.04) foisted a new look-and-feel called, laughingly, "Unity" on users last April 28th. Ubuntu users are writhing and fainting in coils.

To be sure, the screwball Ubuntu nerds profess to like it ginormously, but those of us who need to explain to our families why they need to spend a couple of hours retraining... Ah, yes. You see the problem.

No, I will NOT sideslide to Natty Narwhal, or any other whale carried on a gnome's back. I'm turning off my Abbie Normal update setting, and sticking with Ubuntu 10.10 for the nonce. To infinity. And beyond.

My next "update" will probably be a Macintosh, if Oneiric Ocelot fails as obliviously as 11.04.



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