Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama bin Laden is Dead

Funny thing....  Like Sun Tzu, it turns out we knew what we were doing after all. 
  • Nobody assassinated  David Letterman (we pretended to be incompetent stumblebums who couldn't find a barn from the inside).
  • We flooded Waziristan and rural countrysides with killer drones (we regretted killing civilians and avoided cities).
  • We cowered meekly when Pakistan told us to keep U.S. troops out of their country (engendering that uncanny sixth sense of invulnerability bin Laden so enjoyed).

Flipped, faked or photoshopped photo
alleged to be Osama bin Laden
dead after Abbottabad Raid is NSW;
"China Military" appears here instead
of the photo Reuters says is fake.
In other words, for four years we played Osama bin Laden like Herbert Hoover fly fishing in the Rapidan River. We forced his every move, we backed him into a corner, we took him out.   And the time invested in this game of cat and mouse, from the beginning to the final silent pounce seemed almost to balance out 9-11.



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