Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kate Brings the Entmoot to Westminster Abbey

It seemed odd to see 20-foot-tall English Field Maples and a few Hornbeams lining the nave in Westminster Abbey Friday morning.  It was as though Wills and Kate had invited the Knights Who Say "Ni!!" to their nuptials in the old royal peculiar.

Maybe they did.  According to BBC et al., the shrubbery was Kate Middleton's idea.  Seems a little Tolkien-esque (or at least pagan) to me, but a nice bit of dottily eccentric British tradition if it catches on.

One wonders whether J. K. Rowling was among the behatted duchesses of MOE, AINWN. (Apparently not. And yes, I've heard the nonsense about Harry Potter showing up to cleanse the event of Slytherins. The Slurm-meisters will say nothing nice about a franchise that signed with Universal Orlando instead of Disneyland, evidently.)



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