Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Geronimo Post-mortem

Considering how "we" (heh) got bin Laden, isn't it just conceivable that when Dubya said he wasn't too concerned about finding UBL anymore, that the Al Qaeda mastermind had become marginalized and uninvolved with day to day ops, that he was speaking STRA-TE-GI-CALLY (ten years ago!) as part of a developing black op that nailed UBL over the weekend in an utterly different administration?

We Americans are dumb; we think miniature thoughts crafted for us by Barbie Dolls and Transformers, and we are utterly unfamiliar with the long term. We don't play chess (let alone go). Precious few of us play golf, "the thinking man's game." And almost none of us play with the tools of indirection, patience and foresight except J.R.R. Tolkien, Ian Fleming, Agatha Christie, Homer...

Obama worries me, frankly. Didn't he read the sequel? Ulysses is not famous for stuffing a Greek Trojan into a horse. He's famous for a cheap trick that, against all expectations, destroyed a world power — and then, not too clever by half, going through Hell to get home again.

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