Sunday, May 01, 2011

Me, a culprit?

Fig. 1 - Hyphessobrycon anisitsi
Sadly, yes.  I set up a 20 gallon fish tank in 2006, and watched in tiny wavelets of mounting horror as I slowly recognized my inability to keep tropical fish.  They died in tiny droves, abetted, I dare say, by my nearly infinite capacity for procrastination.  I can ignore a pressing duty with the dash and aplomb of a travelling boulder of glacial granite.  Even self-deprecating wit will not let me off that hook.

My last corydoras died yesterday.  My last tattered Buenos Aires tetra made a few feeble darts and attempts to avoid the green net of doom, then gave up and accepted its fate among the daffodils by the back door.

The drudgery of tearing down a fish tank flogs my recriminations.  I much prefer cats.  Tropical fish are difficult to keep alive.

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