Saturday, November 06, 2010

MSNBC's Hatchet Job on Keith Olbermann

MSNBC stepped waaaay over the Freedom of Speech line when it essentially fired Keith Olbermann yesterday. The abuse of corporate power involved is so well understood, and so despised, that prohibitions against it are part of every union contract and enshrined in federal law.

Federal merit-system employees are allowed by law, courtesy of the Hatch Act (somewhat ironically), to put bumper stickers on their cars and to make political contributions. The same goes for the UAW, the AFL/CIO, AFSCME and every other sovereign citizen of the United States.

It's worth noting that what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, in this case. Olbermann contributed a paltry $2,400 apiece to three obscure regional Democrats running for office. GE, NBC, and MSNBC, his employers, contributed millions in the last election (according to the gleeful CNN).

Fie! MSNBC owes Keith Olbermann its abject apology, reinstatement and back pay, plus a $1,000,000 fine for corporate abuse of the First Amendment.



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