Monday, November 01, 2010

Why emulate a bad example?

If Fox News is such a barren-brained expostulatory flack for a redacted, contorted, barely recognizable Republican party entirely congenial to its own corrupt outlook on the political landscape of America (or as much of it as Rupert Murdoch can buy, bribe, besmirch, smear or subvert), why does MSNBC adopt the Fox News playbook with such alacrity?

Granted a news organization that has abandoned balance and even-handedness whilst spewing the merely assertative prerogatives of its own contumely and self-serving bald-faced lies like "Fair and Balanced" probably does need a standover thug with a hammer to break bones when the outrage factor gets too enormous, why is the judge and jury role reserved solely to MSNBC?

I say, can't anybody get in on that action? Say, by voting against the Faux Snooze agenda tomorrow?

I'd vote, would that I could, AGAINST Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell, FOR Lisa Murkowski, and AGAINST the teaparty on general principles. I can be nuanced and dial back my own doctrinaire tendencies on that — I doubt the teaparty is entirely full of loons — but this year, considering all the foul rhetoric that's come from that quarter, I'd rather make them wait and let them prove themselves two years from now.

O'Donnell in particular seems to think the United States Senate, one of the most august deliberative bodies in the world, is a kind of beauty pageant which she is entitled to win by virtue of having looked in her own mirror this morning. Fie, McNugget! You are not so grand as that.



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