Friday, October 22, 2010

Striker Pratchett

I got Terry Pratchett's Unseen Academicals for Christmas last year, and just pulled an all-nighter to read it. I've given up criticizing Pratchett's work, except in egregious cases of cut-and-paste composition no editor should tolerate, considering the heavily soldered seams — Going Postal comes to mind. U.A., on the other toe, is a gripping romp composed of three or four long strips of narrative laid side by side and clamped together at the denoument. There is Juliet's Tale, A Likely Story, Glenda and the Nutt Case, Foot the Ball With Wizards, Foot the Ball With Shove & Mayhem, High Hats and Dudgeon, Bully Lads, Old Sam's Obligatory Mention, Havelock and Margolotta Make Out, Fashionistas At Large and the usual slurry of Pratchett's Best Orangutan Glue holding it all together. Good book, good night's read. Wit 6, Wisdom 4.



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