Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rubbish Fills Streets of Mars!

Hmm. I misread that headline. Should have read that as "television screens of America," not Mars. Anyway it was Marseilles.

On another tack altogether, Ubuntu's latest version 10.10, the Maverick Meerkat, was touted for a few obvious new features (an annoyingly in-your-face Ubuntu One "cloud" being one of them) — as well as a lot of small fixes behind the curtains and under the hood. Yesterday, I found one of them! The Linux calendar utility was broken by 10.04, in such a way that it produced arbitrarily truncated output in one of my cgi scripts, although it worked ok from the terminal.

Works now. Thanks, Ubuntu. I've turned off updates until the next LTS, though — the rumors about "Unity" in Natty Narwhal (11.04) have me spooked. Nobody asked me if I want some loon dorking around with my desktop interface. Get a clue.  I want to chose my own wallpaper, and I want to find it where I left it on my laptop before the last @%$#! Ubuntu update went on!



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