Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A little last-minute electioneering

Nobody who remembers the Iowa governship of Terry Braindead (1983-1999, during the Presidencies of Ronnie Rayguns and Bush One) actually wants him back.

Terry Branstad was no Jerry Brown. Hold your nose and vote Democratic on this one.

I have no opinion about the Senate race. Iowa won't elect Roxanne Conlin under any circumstances, and Grassley's too dipped in the discoloring vats of Big Money for my taste — especially the credit card industry. Grassley's been coasting on a pitifully few laurels he earned very early on in his Senate career (the whistleblower's shield law comes to mind), but as they say, what has he done for us lately?

And a last word about Christine O'Donnell, the Delaware teaparty's inexplicable Senate candidate who subscribes to the Tinkerbell "Think Happy Thoughts" school of social climbing, would it kill her to release her college transcripts, or at least her SAT scores? Is there any grist in her mill at all? As it stands, it seems everything she needs to know, she learned in kindergarten.......



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