Monday, June 14, 2010

Cowabunga, it's another Japan trip update!

According to an email from Cain-sensei, the kids spent all morning "yesterday" getting measured for school uniforms, but they "were" all exhausted from the long plane trip. "Tomorrow" (i.e., later this evening), school field trips start (and there some fascinating places in Okinawa, not counting U.S. Naval bases). Also, the kids will start adding to the official Washington High School trip blog "today".

Time is a mess. There's only one time zone in Japan, and it's 14 hours off, sort of, relative to Central Daylight Time here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Right now, e.g., its Monday, June 14th at 11:10 AM (about), but in Okinawa, that is Tuesday, June 15th at 1:10 AM. Usually, PM here is AM there, and vice versa, except like right now when it's not. If it weren't for the Ubuntu panel clock, I wouldn't know what time is it in Tokyo.



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