Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Agito

これは、一片の物語ではない。 自ら綴る歴史であり、運命である。
Agito is a complete, standalone story in the Final Fantasy XIII universe. These heroes have their own history, their own destiny.”

From the description, sounds kind of like a Japanese Hogwarts to me. (Apologies for the free translation. The meaning is more or less intact, though.)

Not Yet Released.

By the way, check out Handwritten Kanji Search, an online kanji lookup utility which is the best thing I've seen since Sergey Kurkin's JEDict (for Macintosh). You draw your mysterious character on screen, using your mouse (!), and within one or two strokes you have 20 candidates. If the one you're looking for isn't there, just keep drawing and it shows up. This utility is very lenient about bad mouse-drawing skills, and a fit companion to Jim Breen's epochal WWWJdic Japanese-English dictionary.

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