Monday, June 07, 2010

Republicans in Paradise

Well, Chuck Grassley always floats a bucket of whistle blowing and watchdog-of-the-budget sludge in years he's up for re-election (and only in years he's up for re-election). He's harder to get rid of than a skinny tick on a fat dog, and Roxanne Conlin is not up to that challenge.

Conlin will be lucky to keep her core in November, maybe 37% of the vote, tops. After the loss in 1982, when she ran for Governor against her own bookkeeping practices and tax records, you'd think she'd have learned. Nothing in her minus column has changed.

Grassley is a slick customer who knows how to manage his own profile. You'll never see the knives, but Conlin's support will bleed away to nothing by Halloween.

[Update June 8 - I voted for Tom Fiegen, but have no hopes for his chances, either.]



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