Sunday, June 13, 2010

The kids are in Japan!

The plane cut through the International Date Line just west of the Aleutian Islands, where it jogs way left. As soon as that happened, altitude suddenly dropped from 36,000 feet to zero — but the rest of the numbers stopped updating too. Fun. Tracking doesn't work outside of North America, evidently.

Anyway, I talked to Jason this evening and received confirmation that AA 175 finally made it to its arrival gate in Narita. So everyone is in Tokyo, and all is well. The phone tree to notify parents fell by the wayside, because of the lateness of the hour. I've already lost the sleep, I think I'd rather have been called ;-)

The fun begins. I wonder how jetlagged everyone is? It's just after 3 PM in Japan.

[Update, Sunday, 13 June] I had a couple of automatic flight tracker emails this morning. All Nippon Air NH 2159 arrived in Okinawa this morning at 8:38 PM JST, 6:38 AM our time. Hang in there, Tara!!



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