Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue moonset at dawn

I stopped playing Star Ocean First Departure (PSP) after finding the R-Card. The whole look and feel of the game had changed, from homey interiors (above) to [memory synapse blocked intentionally]. I had a werewolf on my team, for some reason, and I couldn't find Welch's hut in any clump of forest north or south of Van y Ille. Besides, it was ripping off my time and attention. Like, seven or eight hours at a stretch, up till 4 a.m., bizarrely psychotic dreams... Enough. (Or almost. Hubbubbled on to the Demon World...)

On to Terry Pratchett's latest. Or maybe I'll read Neverwhere again, Gaiman's always good for a little light-hearted pretension. Why not kill time? It's killing me.

(So... What's going on with the Large Hadron Collider these days?)



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