Sunday, December 20, 2009

Whaddaya know? Ebert gives Avatar four stars!

Even cooler — he compared it to the original theater experience of seeing Star Wars, which blew everyone's mind then, just as Avatar does now.

We ventured thru the snow to see it. Hmm. Unlike the aforementioned George Lucas klassik, these unknown actors are allowed to act. The star is the CGI, though.

As far as plot goes, it's Dances with Wolves of Other Planets, as my wife dryly remarked. We white anglosaxophonics got much to atone for when it comes to (*ahem*) "Horsemen of the Plains" and other noble savages.

But drown these droll cavils, friend. I really enjoyed this flick, except for the two-tylenol headache "Real 3D" gives me. They don't call that technology unobtanium for nuthin.

Why don't they try flicker 3D? That's where every other frame flips to the other viewpoint. The advantage is, you don't need special eyewear — which means people with glasses can still see 3D comfortably.

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