Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To a nicer guy it couldn't happen!

The world needs its scapegoats, I guess. For some people, John Demjanjuk remains a convenient moral spittoon even though the Israeli Supreme Court, bound by law and not emotion, was not convinced of his guilt at Treblinka, and so threw out his death sentence in 1993. But there's still Sobibor, and if not Sobibor, there's Majdanek, and if not Majdanek, there are other Nazi concentration camps and plenty of half-blind 90-year-olds who remember him (or someone like him) being there. His days are numbered. He's in pain. He's a putz and he should only learn something. Never again! And nice it is, to see the world enjoying a little retribution this holiday season, whether the guy is guilty or not I couldn't say. What does it matter? Happy Hanukkah.

n.b. Sarcasm etched deeply enough may, in some minds, be indistinguishable from the sanctimony it wishes to lampoon. In plain text, what possible good does it do to hound an accused man to the ends of the earth, without clear evidence of specific guilt, with no proven conviction in two decades of fiercely obsessive dossier-compiling and relentless persecution? Demjanjuk is Barabbas now, old and decrepit. Let him go.



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