Friday, December 18, 2009

Back to Nede

Exit the Calnus, disappointed. Enter all but Leon, the twerp. Although, truth to tell, teenaged girls seem to think he's cute — he has cat ears. It must be pointed out that teenaged girls also like Draco Malfoy for the same inexplicablity, not to call it reason. So... if girls do not (or cannot) recognize the same standards as the rest of us... What choice do guys have, except to skim the bugs off the surface of the gene pool? By force if necessary. Yes, it seems so obvious now... Ssssschwup. Ssssssschwup. It takes all kinds, yes. And we must edit the list... Heh heh hehehehehehooha. [Sounds of sharpening.]

Take that, Leon. Drat you, you precocious rugrat. Your mother doesn't have cat ears. Your father doesn't have cat ears. Face it, Leon! You were... you were... adopted!

Other superfluous members of this garden party pitched to a distaff demographic include Tiny "Little Dickens" Tim, Beaver Cleaver, Wesley Crusher, Annie Skywalker and the invidious Sloe Gin Ricky.

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