Monday, October 20, 2008

Out of Order

I see McCain is calling President Obama a "socialist" — which seems a bit out of order to me, coming from an intellectually bankrupt laissez-faire know nothing whose bad luck and bad judgment overlap like red and blue make purple. When you need a government, you need a government that works, no offense there, oldtimer. <*Yaaaawwn*> Tampa Bay versing the Phillies is way more interesting, and should rip off just enough attention from politics for half the 14 or so days until the election. (My guess is the Phillies in six, but Tampa Bay is really fun to watch.)

Speaking of random non sequiturs, I've discovered you can play FFXII out of order, too. So, e.g., right now I've avoided finishing the Stillshrine of Miriam (it leads to another annoying boss encounter with the Imperials), and by dint of sheer fleetfootedness, I've managed to open up the Mosphoran Highwastes and the Salikawood, plus the north half of Dalmasca Estersands and the Barheim Passage's back door entrance. That's a big playground to level up in. I want to come out of the Stillshrine at about level 40 or 45 before heading off to the Phon Coast. [Update: 38, 37, 37]

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