Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Price of gas in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Yesterday, gas (ethanol-added "Premium") dropped another dime to $3.099 a gallon in Cedar Rapids. Weird, but that kind of unfair we can take. I thought gasoline was in really short supply in the South — you know, down South where the hurricanes and the big oil infrastructure are? I'd be more impressed but I can remember gas at 30¢ a gallon.

Is this an October bribe for Iowa, an oil slick on political passions in a formerly Republican state now leaning toward Obama?

Not to change the subject, but George W. Bush seems to have been quietly putting some environmental protections in place, such as the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, a sparsely populated and undervisited (but drastically overfished) underwater wonderland northwest of Hawaii. It's almost as if he's been doing some ecogreen stuff for one of his kids, kind of like school projects. How does an ideologue fiend do the Teddy Roosevelt right-thing-to-do occasionally? History may be a bit kinder to Bush around the edges, after American voters have finally lanced this boil.

My day for wierd stuff. Did you ever have a dream where everything was bone white? Tables, lamps, chairs, rugs, wall, people, birds? All the right shapes, just made out of White? White as milk, or toothpaste. Strangest dream I ever had — tossing and turning, trying to get my colors back. My wife woke me up and demanded to know what all the thrashing around was about...

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