Monday, March 17, 2008

Samantha Power, You're My Hero

  • I could be a McCain Democrat, except... Halliburton, KGR, TSR goons running corrupt private businesses on guvmint time, torture, Neo-cons, delivering Bush, Cheney and Rice to The Hague. He won't do any of that. I'm not even sure he knows what the problem is.

  • I could be an Obamacan, except... If he can't beat Hillary Clinton's infernal Twister machine, he can't go to Oz, he can't get the Ruby Slippers, and he'll never find Toto in Time. I have a disturbing mental image of him wearing a pink tutu and gauzy fake wings, en pwant.

  • I could still be a Democrat, except... Hillary Clinton actually IS a bitch from Hell who'll say or do anything in true Clinton fashion. The closest to an apology for anything she can come to (oddly like George W. Bush, in this regard) is to talk about her own feelings. I'm with Samantha Power on this one, and now, like the unguided missile I am, I think I'll go fire myself.



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