Monday, March 10, 2008

Are we over the rainbow yet?

The Democratic primary race between Obama and Clinton is still undecided? Fine, the question is, why hasn't one or the other broken clear? My guess is, it's not an embarassment of riches, a choice between the last two truffles in the gold Godiva box you got last February 14th.

No, mostly likely it's a prickly choice between two negatives: Hillary is ... well ... the Wicked Witch of the West comes unbidden to mind. While Obama seems to be wearing the Ruby Slippers: "There's no place like 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There's no place like 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue." Words ain't gonna do it, neither will Hillary's penchant for ear-biting and hiding behind the media's skirts.

Don't you wish you could write in Joe Biden, right now? Can't wait for Denver.
Meanwhile, back in Ivalice... Your protagonist has just completed Chapter 8, has all the Espers (+Famfrit), plus the Starfruit, and is taking a little time to smell the roses.



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