Friday, March 07, 2008

Revenant Wings comes back from the dead

Just when I thought the plot had swooned into an unending round of sickening encores, Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings (DS) rediscovers its storyboard, launches Chapter 8 and returns to life. Back to Giza Plains, back to the Paramina Rift, back to Dalmasca! And it turns out that the Judge of Wings (no spoiler here, we already know she's a viera) is one of the last of The Hidden, a despised group of outcaste viera. What makes this turn of events socially fascinating is Japan's long ostracism of its own burakumin, or "Hamlet People" — has this taboo subject been broached in a videogame? Probably overanalyzing a simple game... Right?

Speaking of coming back from the dead, here's a New York Times article about the revenant Mrs. Clinton's early years.



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