Thursday, March 13, 2008


If you stop to think about it, isn't God more likely to invent a subtle thing like DNA, rather than commonplace pottery, as a tool suitable for turning atoms into apes into Homo sapiens? Although, I'll grant you, pottery is more accessible to average human sensibility. Still, when God dumbs it down, He's usually talking about behavior, not science. And, O Scholar, weren't the details of Creation considered proof of the existence of God? Those who have brains to think, let them think.

Note the use of the word "Theory" in:
  • Theory of Gravity (Sir Isaac Newton)

  • Theory of Relativity (Albert Einstein)

  • Theory of Evolution (Charles Darwin)
In a nutshell, a) Things come together, b) In a dimension of Space and Time you're not familiar with, c) In a world of process and commotion that produces cosmic, or possibly merely comic, irony: Adam made Nouns, where God made Verbs. Adam found only black & white, where God made night and daylight, filled with millions of colors.

I have a hard time understanding the concept of "worship," frankly. Is it a full kowtow on a prayer rug, and a life of self-abasement and dedication to service at a soup kitchen? Just that? And nothing more? Nonsense. Not even Islam is that iconoclastic! When your heart leaps up toward beauty, Worship is Ecstatic. It is the unbidden ovation, pure Applause. C. S. Lewis said as much, referring to God as Artist, in Mere Christianity, if memory serves.



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