Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Tinderbox Divided

To my jaundiced eye, Hillary Clinton's campaign looks like it's going down to victory in flames.

The internal backdraft is about strident (but stifled) feminist Worker Bees losing minor catfights among each other as they jostle for nearness to the Queen Bee, while simultaneouly presenting a united front against the Old Boy drones who are genuinely, if dolefully, trying to help Hillary.

And now Barak Obama, The Great Hope Lite, is poised to bring up the issue of Hillary hiding her tax returns. Can you say Roxanne Conlin, Democratic candidate for Iowa Governor, 1982? Same thing in microcosm.

If she survives that kind of firestorm, she'll get it again in spades from John McCain in October, a guy who does know how to throw a punch.



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