Monday, March 03, 2008

How does your gurgle grow?

We had a brief spell of warm yesterday, which prompted the local glacier to send meltwater into the streets, along the curbs and down the storm drains.

Except in front of our house, where that doesn't happen. Instead, the meltwater babbles like a small brook down the middle of the street, then gurgles into a crack where four pavement blocks meet, and continues merrily on its way UNDERGROUND.

Hmmm. A sink hole in the bud. Better nip that.

I freaked and called 911. They told me not to freak out. To their credit, the cops sent out a black and white, and we stood in the street listening to the water gurgle along out of sight. Then shrugged, agreed we'd each done our civic duty and returned to busy lives.

Grikdog's Law: The more you know, the less they care.



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