Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cherry Bombs or Dynamite?

Fallout 3 had lots of cherry bombs, which meant you could assemble one of the best weapons-in-a-lunchbox ever devised, the Bottlecap Mine. The joke was how awesomely effective it was for such little sister ingredients; you could take out a Deathclaw, providin' only you got the wee beastie steppin' on it.

By contrast, Fallout New Vegas majorly skimps on every kid's favorite toilet joke, and goes straight for the dynamite. Which is dirt cheap. Need some dynamite? No problem! Just go murder a few Powder Gangers, and right away you've got yourself a dozen or so sticks of Doctor Nobel's Patent Equalizer. The other ingredients listed in the Patriot's Cookbook (over here in unreality that's known as the Anarchist's Cookbook) are commonplace.

Lunchboxes were a bit rare in F3, but they're ubiquitous and virtually useless in FNV without five very rare cherry bombs. I'm sure the Bethesda Gods and Goddesses are laughing their collective backsides off over that one. So unfair, 'ey?

Time Bombs are a joke. Go to the trouble of building one of these babies, and you'll wonder why you bothered. It detonates in 15 seconds exactly. You can harvest better proximity hazards off the Legion assassination squads.

Dumb. Has anyone actually played Caravan?



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