Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachman Bump, Yesterday's Nuze

Yah, I live in Baja Minnesota, where the Republican "straw poll" is a media shibboleth of sorts.  I have no idea why anyone would take a $30 a pop fundraiser seriously, or pseudomagically confound it with an actual Iowa caucus, not even an Iowa Republican caucus.

It's not illegal to buy straws, or polls, in Iowa.  Anybody can do it, including Michele Bachman's flacks.  This was a non-event, except for the media feeding frenzy.  Can't begrudge that, of course.  Stop by and spend money here anytime.

Iowa is to Republicans as flypaper is to greasy spoon diners, especially in August. Bachman was expected to win, given the low expectations all savvy punditry accords this non-event. She did. Check, please.

As far as Bachman herself goes, I subscribe to the White Queen Theory. That's the notion that the daughters of all powerful white uppercrust men have been bred from birth to believe six impossible things before breakfast at least since the Pelopennesian Wars. The more brilliant of them, such as Ann Coulter, are trained to utter scintillas of incendiary cadetry over dinner, to amuse their potential mates and partners. Hey, whatever works at the inbred end of the gene pool.

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