Friday, August 26, 2011

Backed into a corner...

NCR's no-nonsense Col. Cassandra Moore
I'm beginning to think Team Bethesda didn't really think through all the possible endings for Fallout New Vegas.

I hated the Yes, Man endings. And  I really dislike the Colonel Moore endings.  What a bloodthirsty wench she is!  She ordered me to assassinate the Great Khans, but I'm on good terms with the Khans.  I've exterminated all the Fiends who were their drug buyers, including Vault 3's Motor Runner, and by applying slow pressure on myself to get my Speech stats high enough, managed to convince Jack and Diane to get into the Bathtub Stimpaks business instead.  That was good.

Moore insists on Papa Khan's demise.  So I quietly blew his head off, sadly, with regret, because Papa Khan has a really good point.  If you forget history, you'll repeat it.  Especially, e.g., the NCR massacre of the innocents at Bitter Springs.  Ask around, not even NCR troops who were there agreed with that slaughter.

Apparently Moore now wants the rest of Red Canyon wiped out, or the game will not advance to conclusion.  What if I blow her away instead?

I'm beginning to wonder if this is a game or a real-life CIA experiment in civilian mind control slash wartime ethics.

Not to change the subject, but after 250 hours of petty harassment by Legion flunkies, I decided to wipe out the Legion Fort and assassinate Caesar.  This is apparently not easy, to read the crybaby posts at IGN and elsewhere.  I did it after cleaning out Dead Wind Cavern.  Piece of cake.  Thanks, Brotherhood of Steel, for small mercies.

Now, my XP is maxed out at level 40.  There's nowhere to go but back to mundane existence.   The Fallout franchise always disappoints with their endings.  Or lack thereof.



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