Monday, August 29, 2011

Allahu Aqbar

A cable documentary about Al-Qaeda last night remarked that "Allahu Aqbar" means "Allah is greater."  Spock-like, my eyebrow arched over this low-voltage disinformation, as I recalled that this particular cable channel is far more widely recognized as a world authority on UFOs, crop circles, bigfeet and alien sea monsters from other worlds.

Allahu Aqbar is not a "jihadi warcry."  That is like saying the rosary is a "Catholic prayer for fortitude, mercy and strength of character."

Allahu Aqbar is sung from the minuets during every call to Muslim prayer, five times a day.  The phrase means "God is great" or "God is greatest" but never "God is greater."  The latter mistranslation is heretical and borders on blasphemy, if uttered in full consciousness of its meaning.  God is incomparable.

The heretical version (comparative rather than superlative) is put about to push buttons, create cannon fodder, and fan the flames of Crusade, God knows why.

We Americans are ftupid, and have been ftupid fince the ratification of the Conftitution, so rabid hatred of Moslems is not unexpected.  What is suprising is the same attitudes in intelligent heads, like Ann Coulter's.  It makes you wonder if there's a Satan after all.  Hell is easy, we make that ourselves.

The St. Francis Prayer for Peace comes naturally to mind at this point.



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