Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Moving On

Finished Final Fantasy IX just in time for Lent.  Does that count as "giving something up?"

Seems likely.  This was my second time through a very long game, and there are still features I haven't found, or haven't explored.

Zidane was Level 75 this time, which makes the endgame less aggravating, although I still couldn't open the store in Quina's ocean, not to mention no Blue Chocobo and no Dead Peppers yet.  And I had undelivered Mognet mail for Atla, the shopmoogle in Burmecia's Vault, who was the game's only source for Needle Forks.

I was playing this version on the PSP, and the sound quality held up pretty well until the last few cutscenes after Necron.  That memory stick I mentioned a few days ago really did keep this game playable.



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