Monday, February 14, 2011

Egyptian Spring

History is rife with false dawns. The Albigensian flowering in Provence, just before the Inquisition shoved its burning brand up the virginal cornucopia. Czechoslovakia before the Russian tanks arrived. Tienanmen Square before the bullets flew. France before Robespierre. The United States before Andrew Jackson. For every glimpse of paradise on earth, a Khmer Rouge bloodbath.

I wish the Egyptians well, but truth to tell, I've braced myself for the coming disillusionment. I just hope the United States is not this occasion's vector for despair. There's a special place in Hell reserved for those who corrupt the hopes of innocents.

[Update 16 Feb 2011] The Tunisians called their version the "Jasmine Revolution," apparently.   I guess it's still a bit early for spring in Egypt.



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