Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin at War with Its Own Unions?

Actually, I could care less about Wisconsin's cheesehead guvnor, Republican Scott "Ain't I Purty?" Walker, who is apparently even more braindead than Iowa's, because Wisconsin deserves itself if Walker's plan to gut State employees' labor union contracts succeeds. I have to wonder what mordantly stupid brand of lunacy led average Cheeseheads to vote for a fool who thinks guillotining competence as well as incompetence is a good idea?

Makes a weird kind of sense, though. People who dumb down on principal, to the point where Larry The Cable Guy looks like a Rokkit Signtist, think politics is entertainment on tee vee. Dumb butts acted out in November, and the only thing that can save their sorry asses now is Soccer Moms, at least the ones rooted in reality.



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