Sunday, February 20, 2011

Final Fantasy 9

Remember Zidane and Dagger? They're back, on the Sony PSP! This is one of the great Playstation RPG classics — not many compare favorably with it, long in the tooth though it may well be. I'd forgotten how gorgeous the steampunk scenery is, how delightfully overwrought the tiny boy-girl emotions are, how absurdly Japanese the pretty hypercompetent male villain is, how obvious the traps and how mind-bogglingly clownish the minions of evil. And good. It has mind-bogglingly clownish minions of good, too. Gobbles frog tartare.

There's just one thing: On the Sony Playstation Portable, you have to download this game by way of Wi-Fi from the Playstation Store, and you'll need a bigger (capacity-wise ;-) and faster Memory Stick Duo than you ever thought you would. The key word is fast — fast to download, fast to write to, and fast to play back without skips and glitches. I recommend this little card. Pay for it.  Accept no substitutes. You won't regret it.



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