Saturday, December 18, 2010

archy was once infatuated

boss i was once infatuated with
an ibm selectric it had spring
loaded keys that clicked
but i am just a masochist i guess
i prefer the long stroke
mechanical lever action
of a good old underwood or smith corona

but that dervish sphere the selectric had
was electric death to us bugs
an ounce of courier seventy deuce
mightier than the sword
i have seen grown roaches cry up against it
when we danced to labanotations obscure to you
or katakana exclamation point
we might as well be trampled by nine inch heels
bang bang you shot me dead yes i am up
to date on modern vizlit

if it strikes you odd
that a cockroach may dread a style
such as yours truly never saw in life
like squashed bugs in relays just for
the sake of argument entertain
this hot flash proposition dash dash

i am familiar with any number of
toys of the future including irony
insolence and html have you seen that
cockroach smashing game in gta
chinatown wars question mark
sarcastic exclamation point

i have no hesitation
diving at the keyboard of your little laptop with
its mavericky linux os

if i prefer not to use your
newfangled caps lock key
it does not mean i CAN'T! heh
i do miss the red half and
heady aromas of canned typewriter ribbons though

boss what has happened to library paste
question mark
my diet is restricted to postit gum these days
and those bagel crumbs you sometimes leave lying around

after all those years pounding away
at a genuine newsroom underwood i have
the lowercase habit impressed firmly on my forehead
by dint of which i do not shout
i much prefer a lower profile
considering my lineaments and scale
an inaudible voice turneth away much unwanted attention

typewriters have sunk in the tar
pits of prehistory where you work
us meek may inherit the earth
but i think it will be radioactive


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