Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Blue Suitcase Blues

Finally made it through the rigors of Wheelman and Tricks of the Triad, so fait accompli. But scratch cards still seem easier than drug dealing. Found the gun club, found the rhino, found the jetski and the rampage on a pedestrian overpass, got 16 safehouses (and learned to envy the iPhone graphics for this DS game), learned to toss a Molotov cocktail, watched Marcy muff her big chance and helped Alonso on his quixotic quest, awarded the Golden Binoculars and the Wooden Spoon. A whopping 23.95% complete, and for a' that must've missed a turn somewhere. No idea which plot thread to follow, the game is wide open. Choices, choices...

Metaphysical question of the day: Is a GAME worse than, say, Nagasaki? I don't think so. If you play the game, you begin to notice the scathingly sarcastic satire on urban blight, private upscale utopias and drive by souls that notice nothing wrong.

On a nonce equitorial note, I notice that Argentina has joined Brazil, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela — and many others, European and Asian — in recognizing Palestine within its 1967 borders.

"Bad analogies are like waxing a monkey with a rainbow." — sig seen at Slashdot



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