Saturday, December 11, 2010


Don't get busted, get wasted instead. Nobody confiscates your stash or weapons that way, and your medical bills are a pittance of the bribe you have to pay the cops to overlook this little contretemps.  Ain't no get out of jail free card, foo, what you talkin'?

Security cameras are a hoot. They hide in plain sight, and you can't believe you were so zoned you never saw them the first time. I've only found 23 out of 100, so far.

Best way is to immolate yourself in a Molotov firestorm, always works.

Update: BUGS There seems to be a glitch or two in the Nintendo DS vision of Grand Theft Auto, e.g., I've found 73 out of 80 "traders" (drug dealers) according to the stats, but there are 80 dots on my little in-game map. Makes sense: NO CREDIT. But it's annoying. My enthusiasm is waning fast...

Hmmmm... I can't count it seems. Got all 80 drug dealers ("traders") and the Titanium Briefcase. Yup, they're all there, all right. Sorry 'bout that. Right now, I'm chasing one million virtual bucks... halfway there.



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