Monday, December 13, 2010

Egad, it's cold!

-2° F. this morning, before wind chill.

archy gets the blues

sad news boss
i found mehitabel s carcass in the alley
this morning her nose was blue
and her four feet stuck straight up
in the frozen air
an unfelicitous catcicle
another cleopatra suckling yet another
ironic asp at her breast

this was a surprising turn of events
for someone so gai she could turn the air bluer
than a dutch sailor i almost hoped
to find her lapping milk from a
saucer at the feet of toulouse lautrec
but wotthehell i will admit some surprise
when i came to my senses
on my back inside a sideways pitcher of
stale blue hawaiians and even greater
annoyance when i looked where mehitabel
was and found her gone

egad it s colder than antler
furniture at the north pole
boss i know i was woozy but i thought
i saw her tail sticking out of a dumpster
before i passed out

in my next life i will try mehitabel s
pythygorean dodge and transmigrate myself
into a midnight alleycat for a change
it must be nice to be so
dammed toujours
all the time


cockroaches live such short lives
but our tribe has endured


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