Friday, August 13, 2010


I've been plodding along through my Ramadan reading of the Qu'ran, fighting off sleep (sorry), when it suddenly occurred to me that all three great religions of the Middle East don't actually read the Torah, the New Testament, the Qu'ran, so much as they sing it. These books are meant to be sung, they are ecstatic poetry! Even in the United States among Christians, you very seldom hear the Bible read aloud in anything like a normal everyday voice. And the farther South you go, the tighter the yodel.

So... if you want to hear the Qu'ran recited, with all its music intact, you either visit your local mosque, or you download Zekr, which includes the full Arabic text of the Qu'ran and a number of English (and other) translations, presented in bilingual form. The recitations work better on some computers than others. Ubuntu isn't quite up to speed yet, because of issues with streaming audio, I presume. Mac and Windows, and maybe other Linuxes, seem to work ok.

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