Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quilt by association

It's considered impolite (or at least, impolitic) to publish the home address of a Fascist Brownshirt who hates Hispanics, but the truth is, any Mexican drug lords seriously miffed by anything Joe Arpaio's done (or not done) already know where he lives, so in a spirit of fun, here is the irrelevant information posed in anagrammatic form:

A Valetudinarian
Flint Hills Honors Zoo

Which does kind of beg the question, why isn't Ol' Joe, "The Toughest Sheriff in America," already pushing up daisies? Is he all hype, or all harmless? The FBI investigations suggest neither, so the cynics among us might well mention Lincoln Steffens' old proverb, "A good cop stays bought."

Update 3 Aug I was surfing the tube and caught about three minutes of a CNN interview between Wolf Blitzer and Joe Arpaio this afternoon. Apparently, Ol' Joe thinks Mexican drug lords have put a bounty of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS on his head, a problem he's delegated to his disturbingly anonymous "posse." Yeah? A modest five million, he says. So Joe is one fifth as deadly as the ever-elusive Osama bin Laden, whereabouts unknown? That's hilarious.

The FBI seems to be rolling its eyes and outright ignoring the news. Either it's as incredible as it sounds, or their hands are too full just investigating Arpaio's tangled public affairs, maybe. My question is, how did an old-school SCUD stud like Wolf Blitzer get gulled into handing out this guy's "I'm Wanted By Mexican Drug Lords" flyers?

Update 4 Aug CNN is just on another "illegal immigration" kick, evidently. Too bad. They used to be a trusted name in news.



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