Thursday, July 29, 2010

Teapot Dumb

One year out of six, Iowa's U. S. Senator Charles Grassley gets off his butt and starts looking busy. No actual work involved, but he suddenly rediscovers "wasteful guvmint spending" and "bringing home the bacon fat for Iowa."

In off years when Republicanics control the Senate, he becomes the "powerful Senate Judiary Committee Chairman" and uses powerful armwaving to pass through a snerd of draconian bankruptcy measures which make it easier for Big Banks to pwn your bod for "running up foolish credit card debt."

In off years when Republicanic senators don't control the Senate, good ole country boy Chuck throws your rhetorical granny under the euthanasis bus and smarfs that its ackshooly the Democrat Party doing it.

That's a lot of hand flapping, but somehow "Killer" always manages to bring home that baby bumblebee.



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